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Hotels of Almaty. Hotel Hyatt Regency Almaty
Hotel Hyatt Regency Almaty 5 звезды Hotel Hyatt Regency Almaty
on request
29 Akademik Satpaev avenue, Almaty
Television tower, Kazakh-Aul, Romanian patio, Exlibris, Lounge bar "The style dog"
Hotels of Almaty. Hotel The Regent Almaty
Hotel The Regent Almaty 5 звезды Hotel The Regent Almaty
on request
181 Zheltoksan street, Almaty
Svyato-Voznesenski cathedral, Exlibris, Almaty-II Railway station, Sayran bus station
Hotels of Almaty. Hotel Kazakhstan
Hotel Kazakhstan 4 звезды Hotel Kazakhstan
on request
52 Dostyk street, Almaty
Medeo sports complex, Arasan, Almaty International Airport, Exlibris, Almaty-I Railway station
Hotels of Almaty. Hotel Aiser
Hotel Aiser 4 звезды Hotel Aiser
on request
1 Pozharskogo street, Almaty
Svyato-Voznesenski cathedral, Kazakhstan National State Museum, Exlibris, Almaty-II Railway station, Sayahat bus station
Hotels of Almaty. Hotel Ambassador
Hotel Ambassador 4 звезды Hotel Ambassador
on request
121 Zheltoksan street, Almaty
Svyato-Voznesenski cathedral, Exlibris, Lounge bar "The style dog", State Academical Russian Drama Theatre by M. Y. Lermontov
Hotels of Almaty. Hotel Otrar
Hotel Otrar 4 звезды Hotel Otrar
on request
73 Gogol street, Almaty
Kazakh-Aul, Exlibris, Lounge bar "The style dog", State Academical Russian Drama Theatre by M. Y. Lermontov, Hotel
Hotels of Almaty. Hotel
Hotel  3 звезды Hotel
on request
Hotels of Almaty. Hotel Eurasia
Hotel Eurasia 4 звезды Hotel Eurasia
on request
19 ZHoldazbekova street, Almaty
Medeo sports complex, Green Bazaar, Almaty-II Railway station, Sayahat bus station, Mountains Kalkans

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8 things, must do in Almaty

1.  Mountain-skiing resort Chimbulak is located in picturesque gorge of Zailiysk Ala Tau at height 2200м above sea level (in 25 km from city). It is famous for the soft... >>>
2.  The central market or otherwise Green market is a true embodiment of fine traditions of the Asian market where it is possible to feel east spirit of city. It not just... >>>
3.  Unique both the location of restaurant '' Kazakh-aul '' — high-mountainous Medeu with magnificent air and a magnificent kind to Almaty and vicinity, and premise... >>>
4.  The richest collection in Kazakhstan is collected in a museum. About 120 thousand exhibits of the constant exposition are located in four huge halls, and... >>>
5.  From afar Kalkans resemble two huge turtles, stood face to face. Close this similarity amplifies. More close they accept an outline of fighting boards laying on the ground. Therefore they have... >>>
6.  It is the unique restaurant in the Central Asia of the Romanian cuisine! By the way, the Romanian Court yard is the winner of competition «the Restaurant world... >>>
7.  Voznesenskiy Cathedral is the main sight of park of 28 guardsmen-panfiloveces. This unique on the engineering design construction is in height 56 meters, nailless from blue... >>>
8.  The television tower located on mountain Kok-Tyube at height of 1000 m above sea level is the highest construction of  Alma-Ata . Its height is 372 m. The... >>>
:) On the last day of your stay in Almaty, please take a minute to offer your own "must do" and "must see" thing in Almaty. Please send us you notes via e-mail. If we consider them to 10@mscgroup.ru
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